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Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated sheets are made of kraft paper. Corrugated boxes are made of single, double and multi-layered corrugated sheets. The multilayered corrugated containers can carry medium to heavy duty items like LCD televisions, Refrigerators, cooler fans and many more. The corrugated sheets are available in different sizes that cater the varied requirements of the industry. Paper corrugated sheets are eco friendly as its disposal does not have adverse impact on environment.

Architects have known for thousands of years that an arch with the proper curve is the strongest way to span a given space. The inventors of corrugated fibreboard applied this same principle to paper when they put arches in the corrugated medium. These arches are known as flutes and when anchored to the linerboard with a starch-based adhesive, they resist bending and pressure from all directions.

Types of Flutes:

Flutes come in several standard shapes or flute profiles (A, B, C, E, F, etc.)

  • A-flute was the first to be developed and is the largest common flute profile.
  • B-flute was next and is much smaller.
  • C-flute followed and is between A and B in size
  • E-flute is smaller than B and F-flute is smaller yet.
  • In addition to these five most common profiles, new flute profiles, both larger and smaller than those listed here, are being created for more specialized boards.
  • Generally, larger flute profiles deliver greater vertical compression strength and cushioning. Smaller flute profiles provide enhanced structural and graphics capabilities for primary (retail) packaging.

Different flute profiles can be combined in one piece of combined board.Follwing types of boards can make from different combination

  • 2 ply.
  • 3 ply.
  • 5 ply
  • 7 ply.
  • 9 ply.